Staking Guide

Prerequisites for Staking:

  1. Set up a Wallet: You need a crypto wallet that supports the ETH you're planning to stake. This can be a hardware wallet or a software wallet.

  2. Buy the ETH: You can buy ETH on a cryptocurrency exchange or using onramp platforms.

  3. Transfer ETH to your staking wallet: If you bought the ETH on an exchange, you'll need to transfer it to your staking wallet.

Step 1: Go to the Stader ETHx staking dApp

Step 2: Connect your wallet

  1. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button. A Select Wallet pop-up appears

  2. Accept the Terms of service by clicking on the checkbox

  3. Choose the wallet you wish to connect with.

Step 3: Sign in to your wallet

  1. Enter your wallet password

  2. Choose the "Ethereum Mainnet" network and your account

  3. Click on connect

Step 4: Successful Wallet Connection

  1. Your connected wallet address will be visible on the top right corner of the dApp

  2. Your ETH balance will be visible on the dApp

Step 5.1: Staking Flow Start

  1. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to stake

  2. Check the amount of ETHx you will receive after staking

  3. Click on the “Stake ETH” button to continue

Step 5.2: Staking Flow - Approve transaction in wallet

  1. A transaction prompt will appear in your wallet

  2. Approve the transaction

Step 5.3: Staking Flow - Staking Successful

  1. You will see a Transaction successful Popup

  1. Check the amount of ETHx received in your wallet

Unstaking Guide

Step 1: Unstaking Flow: Approve unstaking

  1. To start the unstaking process, you need to first approve the unstaking action. Click on the "Approve Unstaking" button to proceed.

  2. You will receive a prompt to grant Stader access to unstake ETHx. Click on "Confirm" on your wallet to provide the access.

Step 2: Unstaking Flow: Start Unstaking

  1. Enter the amount ETHx you wish to unstake

  2. Check the amount ETH you would receive

  3. Click on the "Unstake ETHx" button to continue

Step 3: Unstaking Flow: Approve transaction in wallet

  1. A transaction prompt will appear in your wallet

  2. Approve the transaction

Step 4: Unstaking Flow: Transaction Successful

  1. You will see a success popup indicating that the transaction was successful

  1. The amount of ETHx you unstaked will be deducted from your total ETHx balance.

  2. The unstaked ETH will not be immediately added to your wallet as there is an unstaking period of 7-10 days, subject to entry and exit queues on the Ethereum network.

  3. The ETH balance in your wallet will be reduced slightly due to network fees.

  4. You can check the "Withdraw" tab to track the status of your released unstaked ETH.

Withdraw Guide

Step 1: Withdraw: Start

  1. All your active unstake requests will be listed in the Withdraw tab.

  2. Those available to be withdrawn will have an active withdraw button

  3. Those unavailable to be withdrawn will have the release date and time mentioned along-with your timezone.

Step 2: Withdraw: Successful

  1. Click on the activated "Withdraw" button.

  2. Approve the transaction on your wallet.

  3. The unstaked ETH will be added to your ETH balance in the wallet.

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