Validator States

Here are the various validator states throughout the entire validator lifecycle:

  1. Initialized - Validator undergoing pre-sign and deposit signature verification. Once approved, Stader completes the remaining ETH deposit and adds the validator to the activation queue.

  2. Validator Queued for 28ETH - Approved validator placed in the queue for 28 ETH.

  3. Pending Initialized - Validator received 28 ETH and awaiting deposit processing on the beacon chain.

  4. Pending Queued - All deposits approved, and the validator is pushed to the beacon chain activation queue.

  5. Active and Ongoing - Validator actively attesting.

  6. Active and Exiting - Validator broadcasted exit message.

  7. Exiting and Unslashed - Unslashed validator pushed to the exit queue.

  8. Active and Slashed - Validator remains active but has been slashed.

  9. Exiting and Slashed - Slashed validator pushed to the exit queue.

  10. Withdraw Possible - Exit withdraw epoch reached, validator awaiting transfer of 32 ETH to the withdraw vault.

  11. Withdraw Done - 32 ETH sent to the withdraw vault following validator's exit.

  12. Funds Settled - Validator's share of 4 ETH sent to the claims vault for withdrawal to their Operator reward address.

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