CLI Command sheet

Node Management
  • ~/bin/stader-cli node status: Get the node's status

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node sync: Get the sync progress of the ETH1 and ETH2 clients

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node register --on <operator name> --ora <operator reward address> --socialize-el <true/false>: Register the node with Stader Network. With this command along with the registration you can change your Operator Reward Address and choose to Opt in or out of the Socializing Pool.

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node send <amount> <token type> <address>: Send ETH or other tokens from the node account to another address

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node update-socialize-el --socialize-el <true/false>: Opt in (true) or opt out (false) of socializing pool

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node get-contracts-info: Get the current network contracts info

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node send-el-rewards: Send the fee recipient rewards to the claim vault

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node claim-rewards: Send the claim vault rewards to the operator reward address

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node withdraw-sd-collateral --amount <sd token amount>: Withdraw SD collateral from the SD collateral contract

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node download-sp-merkle-proofs: Download all merkle proofs

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node claim-sp-rewards: Claim socializing pool rewards for the available cycles

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node update-operator-name --operator-name <name>: Update operator name

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node update-operator-reward-address --operator-reward-address <reward address>: Update operator reward address

  • ~/bin/stader-cli node deposit-sd --amount <amount>: Deposit SD as collateral

Validator Management
  • ~/bin/stader-cli validator status: Get the validator status

  • ~/bin/stader-cli validator deposit --num-validators <number of validators to register>: Register a specific number of validators

  • ~/bin/stader-cli validator exit-validator --validator-pub-key <validator pub key>: Exit a validator

  • ~/bin/stader-cli validator send-cl-rewards --validator-pub-key <validator pub key>: Send CL rewards to the claim vault

  • ~/bin/stader-cli validator export: Export validator details to a CSV file

Manage Stader Services
  • ~/bin/stader-cli service install: Install the Stader service

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service config: Configure the Stader service

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service status: View the Stader service status

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service start: Start the Stader service

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service pause: Pause the Stader service

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service stop: Stop the Stader service

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service logs: View the Stader service logs

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service stats: View the Stader service stats

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service version: View the Stader service version information

  • ~/bin/stader-cli service terminate: Terminate all Stader Docker containers and volumes, including your ETH1 and ETH2 chain data and your Prometheus database (if metrics are enabled). Use this only if you want to clean up the Stader node and start over.

Manage Node Wallet
  • ~/bin/stader-cli wallet status: Get the node wallet status

  • ~/bin/stader-cli wallet init: Initialize the node wallet

  • ~/bin/stader-cli wallet recover: Recover a node wallet from a mnemonic phrase

  • ~/bin/stader-cli wallet export: Export the node wallet in JSON format

Other Commands
  • ~/bin/stader-cli --allow-root: Allow Stader node to be run as the root user

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --config-path path: Stader config asset path (default: "~/.stader")

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --daemon-path path: Interact with a Stader service daemon at a path on the host OS, running outside of docker

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --maxFee value: Set the maximum fee (including the priority fee) for a transaction in gwei (default: 0)

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --maxPrioFee value: Set the maximum priority fee for a transaction in gwei (default: 0)

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --nonce value: Specify the nonce for a transaction, overriding an existing 'stuck' transaction

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --secure-session: Allow printing sensitive information without prompting when nobody can see your screen

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --help: Show help

  • ~/bin/stader-cli --version: Print the version

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