Step 4.6 Add checkpoint URL

What is a checkpoint URL?

In the Ethereum proof-of-stake (PoS) network, a checkpoint URL refers to a specific location or endpoint that provides information about the latest checkpoints in the beacon chain. Checkpoints serve as reference points or milestones in the chain, indicating the state of the blockchain at a particular block height.

These checkpoints are crucial for validators to synchronize their local copy of the blockchain with the network and participate in the consensus process effectively. Validators can compare their local checkpoints with the checkpoints obtained from the URL to ensure they are on the correct chain and make informed decisions during block proposal and validation. Learn more

How will adding a checkpoint URL help me?

By utilizing the checkpoint URL, your client can instantly copy the most recent state from a trusted Consensus client that you specify. In short, it will help to synchronize your node very quickly, enabling you to stay updated with the latest blockchain state.

How can I get a checkpoint URL

To quickly synchronize your node, click on the link below to access the checkpoint URLs. Please make sure to copy the suitable checkpoint URL based on your selected network. If you have chosen Mainnet, copy the URL from the Mainnet section; if you have opted for Goerli, copy the URL from the Goerli section.

Adding a checkpoint URL is optional

  • Adding a checkpoint URL is not mandatory. if it's not something you're interested in, feel free to leave it blank.

  • Checkpoint URL is only to sync faster. You can continue even without a checkpoint URL, however, it make take more days to completely sync without a checkpoint

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