Claim EL rewards

Check rewards status

Check the ELrewards for you node using the node status command: ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli node status

  • The EL rewards will be visible after the first Merkle tree is created for your node. The Merkle tree is created every 28 days.

  • Your EL rewards will be claimed in the Operator Reward Address. There will be a Cool Down period of 28 days once you opt in or out of the Socializing Pool, i.e. you cant Opt In or Opt Out back for next 28 days.

Claim your EL rewards together by following the below mentioned steps

  • Step 1: Check your SD and EL rewards unclaimed cycles using the command: ~/bin/stader-cli node claim-sp-rewards

  • Step 2: Please specify the cycle numbers for which you want to claim the rewards.

  • Step 3: Please confirm the entered cycle numbers, and your rewards will be claimed to your operator reward address.

Rewards cycle and Merkle tree for Socializing pools

On the Stader network, a merkle tree is created on regular intervals for the Stader node Socializing pool rewards. Currently, a new cycle occurs every 28 days. During each reward cycle, Stader node generates a merkle tree representing the state of node operators on the Stader network. This tree determines the SD and Socializing pool ETH rewards for each node operator during that specific cycle.

After a merkle tree is created, the ETHx smart contracts transfer SD tokens and the entire ETH balance from the socializing pool to the Stader vault. Node operators can then check the number of SD and ETH rewards they earned for a particular cycle and claim them. Each reward cycle is independent, meaning the rewards earned in one interval don't affect the earnings in subsequent cycles.

Node operators have the flexibility to claim rewards for one cycle, multiple cycles, or all at once. Node operators can accumulate rewards for as long as they want without a fixed time interval to claim them. The rewards will always be available and provide the same amount of SD and ETH regardless of when they are claimed.

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