Node registration and adding validators

To get started, all you need is a computer, whether physical or virtual, to run your node and validators. Simply follow the steps outlined in our guide for a seamless and hassle-free setup. To assist you further, we will provide you the Stader CLI and Stader configuration manager, which simplifies node setup and streamlines daily operations.

Please do not run a testnet and a mainnet nodes simultaneously on the same machine.

If you have been running a Stader node on the testnet and plan to use the same machine/system for running a node on Mainnet, please ensure that you terminate your testnet node and delete the testnet Stader directory before starting the Mainnet node setup.

This is crucial to avoid conflicts with directories, ports, and potential unknown issues.

Please use the following commands to perform the necessary actions:

  • To terminate the testnet node, use: ~/bin/stader-cli service terminate

  • To delete the testnet Stader directory, use: rm -rf ~/.stader

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