Solo-staking vs ETHx

Ethereum staking ecosystem is mature with multiple protocols and entities providing services, an evaluation of the current state of Ethereum staking highlights some key challenges for solo stakers, such as:

  • High bond requirement of 32 ETH

  • Low yield

  • Complex setup

Not worries! we got you covered. ETHx has been thoughtfully designed to address the key challenges of node operators with smart solutions, such as:

  • Low bond requirement of just 4 ETH

    Permissionless node operators will be the backbone of ETHx with only 4 ETH required for bonding. Stader did an extensive data analysis in collaboration with SSV on the bond requirement and concluded 4 ETH is sufficient to cover key tail risks that impact staked funds.

  • Higher rewards

    With ETHx's design requiring only a 4 ETH bond, home stakers get commission on a higher user deposit relative to the bond supplied, improving yield.

  • Easy setup

    Stader node CLI and a TUI based configuration manager makes it easy to run and manage your node.

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