Step 4: Wallet setup

Create a wallet

To register your node with the Stader network, you will need to setup a wallet to hold your node account and validator keys. Follow the below steps to setup a wallet.

  • Start the wallet setup using ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli wallet init command

  • Once the wallet setup is initialised it will ask you to setup a password. Please enter the password you wish to use to encrypt your mnemonic phrase.

  • Please confirm your password you used to encrypt your mnemonic phrase

  • After this, please enter 24 when the CLI prompts for the number of words in the mnemonic.

  • Please enter the 24 mnemonic words one-by-one in a sequence for validation

Save your password and mnemonic

We request that you take note of your password and mnemonic key phrase and store them in a secure location. Please be advised that due to security reasons, recovery of either the password or the mnemonic phrase is not possible once the wallet is created. It is therefore imperative that you safeguard these credentials to avoid any potential loss or unauthorized access to your node or validator.

How to know my Operator address?

Once the wallet is setup, you will receive an operator address or you can also check your operator address using ~/bin/stader-cli wallet status command.

How to export my private key?

Use the below mentioned command to get the private key of your operator address

~/bin/stader-cli wallet export

Refer this guide for detailed instructions on how to export the private key and import it to MetaMask -

Note for Testnet users: After setting up the wallet, please share your operator address with our moderators on ETHx Discord to get the testnet SD in your node wallet.

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