Step 7: Register your node on the Stader network

Check the sync status

Please ensure that you are running the register command only after the Execution and Consensus clients are fully synced. You can check the sync status using ~/bin/stader-cli node sync

Register your node

To register you node on the Stader network run this command: ~/bin/stader-cli node register --on <operator name>

Please ensure to replace <operator name> with a name for your node in the command. It will be a variable, you can give any name to your node. e.g. mynode123

If you wish to have a separate operator reward address

By default, your operator address and operator reward address will be the same. However, if you wish to specify a different operator reward address, you can utilize the following registration command instead of the one mentioned above:

~/bin/stader-cli node register --on <operator name> --ora <any valid Ethereum address accessible to you>.

This command allows you to set a distinct Ethereum address as your operator reward address during registration.

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