Node Migration

In the event of a node crash or if you intend to move it to a new system or instance, you can perform a smooth migration by following these steps:

Step 1: Download the latest permissioned Stader node CLI

  • Visit the following link to download the latest version of Stader node CLI for permissioned node operators: Download Stader node

Step 2: Install Stader node CLI

  • After downloading the latest version of Stader node CLI, follow the provided instructions to install it by visiting the following link: Install Stader node

Step 3: Recover your wallet

  • You can recover your wallet using the wallet recover command : ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli wallet recover

  • Enter your password and the wallet mnemonic to recover your wallet.

Step 4: Check your node and validator status

After wallet recovery -

  • To check the status of your node, using the following command: ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli node status

  • To check the status of your validator, using the following command: ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli validator status

Note: Stader will not be responsible for the validator setup. Permissioned node operators are expected to generate their own validator keys and maintain them.

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