ETHx Stakers


Our Stader Incentive Program for ETHx stakers is designed to benefit all participants who stake their Ethereum tokens with Stader during our launch month. The unique aspect of this program is a 50% boost on rewards without any upper limit on the stake amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total amount of rewards I can earn?

The total amount of rewards is dynamic and depends on the individual staking amounts and the daily APR offered by the protocol. The rewards are calculated on a daily basis by enhancing the base staking rate by 50% (after accounting for a 10% commission).

2. Who is eligible to earn these rewards?

If you stake your Ethereum tokens with Stader during our launch month, from July 10, 2023, to August 9, 2023 (UTC), you are eligible. ETHx staked in LPs is also eligible for the reward boost. There is no minimum stake amount or holding period required.

3. How and when will the rewards be disbursed?

The rewards, calculated daily, are aggregated for the entire duration of the launch month. For example, if the protocol offers a 4% APR on staking on a given day, your effective APR for the day will be 5.4% (3.6% post the commission + 1.8%). These rewards will then be airdropped within 5 days of the end date, which is August 14, 2023, in the form of our governance token (SD) on the Ethereum Blockchain.

4. Can I check how many rewards I have accrued to date?

Currently, we don't provide a feature for users to check their accrued rewards. However, at the end of the launch month, we will upload a comprehensive spreadsheet detailing the reward value and computation for your reference and understanding.

Join us in this exciting phase of our journey and stake your Ethereum tokens with Stader for enhanced rewards!

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