DIY kit

The following DIY kit specifications are recommended by Stader. While the specific requirements for your node's DIY kit may vary based on the ETH client you choose, you can proceed confidently with the recommended specifications for a hassle-free node operation.

DIY kit specifications to run a Stader node

  • OS supported : Linux(Ubuntu) and MacOS (Intel based or M1)

  • CPU: 4core processor, Architecture - AMD64 or ARM64

  • RAM: 16 GB

  • SSD: 2TB

  • Network: 25+ Mbps

  • Data cap: 2TB+/month

  • Stable electricity

For more details on the Environment and Hardware you can refer to the docs by

Advantages of a DIY Kit

  • One time investment and no recurring fees.

  • Full control over your own machine, wallet keys and data.

  • Flexibility to perform maintenance and upgrades at your convenience

Disadvantages of a DIY Kit

  • Sole responsibility for network and computer security.

  • Vulnerable to theft and crash.

  • Requires a stable supply of electricity and internet connection

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