Step 9: Deposit ETH bond

Run the below mentioned command to deposit ETH bond and add validators to your node:

~/bin/stader-cli validator deposit --num-validators <number of validators you wish to add>

Please ensure to replace the placeholder "<number of validators you wish to add>" with the number of validators you want to add to your node by depositing the ETH bond.

What next?

  • We will first deposit 1 ETH and wait for the deposit to be successful. Only 1 ETH is deposited first instead of 4 ETH to avoid front-running of withdraw credentials. It take 16-24 hours for the 1 ETH to be successfully deposited on the beacon chain

  • Once the 1 ETH deposit is successful we will wait for the pre-sign message to be received. This can take a maximum of 24 hours.

  • Once the pre-sign message is received and verified we will deposit remaining 31ETH bond for your validator to become active on the beacon chain. After this, You validator will be in the activation queue on the Beacon chain. Activation time on the beacon chain depends on the the size of the activation queue.

  • To check the ETHx validator queue to receive the 28ETH deposit, click here

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