VPS services

If you are interested in running a Stader node but lack the necessary hardware or prefer not to maintain a 24/7 online DIY Kit, you have the option to utilize VPS services for node operation. Hosting an Ethereum node on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an alternative option that provides more control and customization compared to cloud hosting. With a VPS, you have dedicated resources and the ability to configure the server according to your specific requirements.

Advantages of VPS services

  • VPS hosting tends to be more cost-effective compared to cloud services.

  • Using VPS services for running nodes increases the decentralization of the Ethereum network, as they are favored by a smaller number of node operators.

DIsadvantages of VPS services

  • If the physical server fails, your hosted VPS is likely to experience downtime.

  • VPSs typically have a fixed resource allocation, making it difficult to adjust CPU and RAM resources as needed.

Comparison table

To assist you in selecting a suitable VPS service, the following comparison table provides an overview of various providers, enabling you to make an informed decision.

VPS Setup guide

To facilitate your VPS services setup, we have prepared a comprehensive guide. Due to the numerous VPS service providers available, it is not feasible to create individual guides for each one. Therefore, we have specifically crafted a guide for Contabo that will assist you in setting up your VPS services. Once you have completed the setup, you can proceed with configuring your node on the Stader Network.

ETHx - VPS setup guide

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