Step 2: Install Stader node

In this step, we will install Stader node on your system. However, before proceeding to install the Stader Node Stack, ensure that Docker is installed on your system. Once the Docker is installed or if Docker is already present, run the install commands provided below, specific to your system architecture.

  • For Linux ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli service install

  • For MacOS ~/bin/stader-permissioned-cli service install -d

Please close your terminal and start again before proceeding to Step 3: Configure Stader services.

Since this is your first time installing Stader, please start a new shell session by logging out and back in or restarting the machine.

This is necessary for your user account to have permissions to use Docker.

How to check if Docker is installed?

Check if you have docker installed on your system before installing Stader Node stack. Run the command: docker --version

  • You will see the version details if Docker is installed

  • You will see “command not found: docker” prompt if the Docker is not installed.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source platform that revolutionizes the way applications are developed, deployed, and run.

  • Docker provides a containerization technology that allows developers to package their applications and all their dependencies into a standardized unit called a container.

  • Docker containers are lightweight, portable, and isolated from the underlying infrastructure, making it easy to deploy applications.

  • Docker simplifies the process of managing and scaling applications, as containers can be easily replicated and distributed across multiple machines or cloud instances.

  • Docker enables efficient resource utilization, as containers share the host system's kernel while providing isolation.

  • Docker's containerization approach enhances security by isolating applications and preventing potential conflicts between dependencies.

Overall, Docker has become a fundamental tool in modern software development, offering a consistent and efficient way to package, distribute, and run applications, regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Learn more

How to install Docker?

Follow the below guide to install docker -

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