13000 $SD top-up pool

The $SD Top-Up pool has been set up to acknowledge the participants who have been with ETHx since the testnet. Testnet partners, who join us early on ETHx mainnet, will be eligible to receive a portion of it.

Eligibility criteria

  • The participant should have been a part of Rolling Beta Part 1 or Part 2.

  • The Node operator needs to register a node on the mainnet within 1 month of the mainnet launch.

$SD Top-Up disbursement plan

  • The $SD tokens shall be airdropped after 1 month of launch.

  • Participants are requested to share details required in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for this pool?

All community members who had set up a testnet node with us during Rolling Beta & join ETHx mainnet within a month of launch are eligible for the airdrop.

2. What is the total reward pool?

Eligible users will share the rewards from the total pool of 13000 $SD tokens.

3. I am a Rolling Beta member. Do I need to spin nodes on mainnet to get this share of rewards?

Yes, you need to spin atleast 1 validator on ETHx mainnet, within 1 month of launch, to get the rewards.

4. I am a Rolling Beta member. Do I need to spin nodes on mainnet within the launch month or I can spin later too ?

You need to spin node within 1 month of mainnet launch to be eligible for a share from the $SD Top Up pool. Beyond that you won’t be eligible for this reward

5. Where will the $SD token be delivered ?

Stader will circulate a form to collect details. The tokens will be transferred to the Mainnet Operator Address.

6. By when can I expect the rewards ?

Rolling Beta participants have a time period of 1 month to spin up the validators & be eligible for these rewards. The rewards will be calculated & transferred post that.

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