Step 4: Configure Stader services

To enhance your experience in configuring the node, we have developed a user-friendly Configuration Manager (TUI) that simplifies navigation and selection. This will assist you in configuring the Stader node and customizing its settings to align with your preferences. It is necessary to configure the node before registering it on the Stader network. Nonetheless, you can revisit the configuration process at any time while the node is operational, enabling modifications whenever you wish.

Note: Please close your terminal and start again before proceeding to the service config step.

Please run the ~/bin/stader-cli service config command to launch the configuration manager and proceed with the given configuration steps in the specified order.

To efficiently navigate the Stader configuration manager TUI, refer to the following navigation tips:

  • Use your mouse/trackpad or the left and right arrow keys to move between options. When options appear as text boxes, utilize the tab key for navigation.

  • Make selections by pressing enter or by clicking on the desired option.

  • If you wish to modify a selected option, press esc to return to the previous section.

  • Save and exit by pressing Ctrl+S or by clicking the 'Save and exit' button located in the footer section.

  • Exit without saving by pressing Ctrl+C or by clicking the 'Quit without saving' button in the footer section.

  • Open the configuration settings by pressing Ctrl+U or by clicking the 'Open the configuration settings' button in the footer section.

  • To identify your selections, observe the color of the buttons. Selected options will be highlighted in GREEN, while unselected options will appear GRAY.

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