Step 4.8 Add fallback clients

What are fallback clients?

Fallback clients offer users alternative options that they can rely on when encountering problems or vulnerabilities with their primary clients. These secondary clients provide additional backup choices, empowering users to switch between different client implementations according to their preferences or to mitigate any network disruptions.

Typically, your validator will fulfill the responsibility of attesting and proposing blocks using your primary clients. However, if any issues arise, the node will establish a connection with an external client to interact with the Execution layer and Beacon chains. Once your primary clients become operational again, the Validator client will seamlessly switch back to them.

Important note

  • A fallback client option should not be mistaken for a "backup" Stader node. While fallback clients have a synchronized Execution and Consensus client pair running on the chain, they do not have access to your node's wallet or validator keys. Therefore, if your Stader node is offline, the fallback client will not assume the role of validating on node's behalf.

  • Fallback clients are optional. You can choose Yes or No based on your preference

  • Fallback client feature will not be available if Nimbus is your Consensus client.

How to enable fallback client?

  • First, click on the "Yes" button

  • Then then just enter the Execution client URL or Beacon node HTTP URL or Beacon node JSON RPC URL based on your consensus client preference.

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