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Hello node operators, if you have already registered a node on the Stader node then please follow the below steps update your node by downloading and installing Stader node version v1.3.0

If you want to register a new node on Stader for the first time, please start here

Step 1: Download the updated Stader node CLI

Download Stader node CLI using the Wget command below on your terminal as per your respective system architecture:

  • Wget link AMD64(Linux): wget -O ~/bin/stader-cli

  • Wget link ARM64(Linux): wget -O ~/bin/stader-cli

  • Wget link (MacOS - Intel): wget -O ~/bin/stader-cli

  • Wget link (MacOS - M1): wget -O ~/bin/stader-cli

Unique checksums for verification and added security

  • AMD64(Linux):

  • ARM64(Linux):

  • MacOS-Intel:

  • MacOS-M1:


Step 2: Give permission to run the downloaded upgrade

Give permission to run the downloaded application using the command

chmod +x ~/bin/stader-cli

Step 3: Restart Stader services

Please run the stop and start service command to restart Stader services

  • Stop the service using the command ~/bin/stader-cli service stop

  • Start the service again using the command ~/bin/stader-cli service start

Step 4: Check the CLI version

After a successful restart of the terminal run the command ~/bin/stader-cli --version to verify if the update was downloaded and running perfectly.

Latest version: v1.3.0

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