1. Hardware recommendations

Following are the hardware recommendations by Stader for node operators

  • OS supported : Linux(Ubuntu) and MacOS (Intel based or M1)

  • CPU: 4core processor, Architecture - AMD64 or ARM64

  • RAM: 16 GB

  • SSD: 2TB

  • Network: 25+ Mbps

  • Data cap: 2TB+/month

  • Stable electricity

2. Open system ports

A good practice for security would be to close all the ports on your system and then open only the required ports. Below is the list of ports to be opened:

  • Execution client: 30303 tcp/udp

  • Lighthouse: 9001 tcp/udp

  • Prysm: 13000 tcp and 12000 udp

3. Install wget to download Stader CLI binary

For MacOS

  • Run the command on the terminal and download brew: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL <>)"

  • Install wget using the command: brew install wget

For Debian based systems like Ubuntu

  • Run the command and install wget sudo apt-get install wget -y

4. Install Docker

How to check if Docker is installed?

Check if you have docker installed on your system before installing Stader Node stack. Run the command: docker --version

  • You will see the version details if Docker is installed

  • You will see “command not found: docker” prompt if the Docker is not installed.

How to install Docker?

Follow the below guides to install docker on Desktop -

Follow the below guide to install docker on cloud -

Note: Please do not run a testnet and a mainnet nodes simultaneously on the same machine.

If you have been running a Stader node on the testnet and plan to use the same machine/system for running a node on Mainnet, please ensure that you terminate your testnet node and delete the testnet Stader directory before starting the Mainnet node setup.

This is crucial to avoid conflicts with directories, ports, and potential unknown issues.

Please use the following commands to perform the necessary actions:

  • To terminate the testnet node, use: ~/bin/stader-cli service terminate

  • To delete the testnet Stader directory, use: rm -rf ~/.stader

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