ETHx Boosted Commission

ETHx Boosted Commission program has been designed to incentivise early ETHx joiners. They stand to earn super charged commission for a whole year on the mainnet!

Eligibility criteria

  • The node operator shall join the ETHx Mainnet within a month of launch.

  • The participant should successfully register a node on the Stader mainnet network and add validators to their node.

  • The first 4 validators of qualifying node operators will be eligible for the boosted commission.

  • All the 4 validators should be spun within 1 month of launch.

Boosted Commission disbursement plan

  • The higher commission percentage is for 1 year post launch.

  • The extra commission earned will be disbursed as SD rewards.

  • Disbursal of extra commission shall be at end of every month.

  • The amount shall be dependent upon your performance during the month.

  • The commission boost is for the first 4 validators per mode operator spun in the launch month.

  • Beyond 4 validators, it will be standard commission of total 5% for every additional validator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will everyone be eligible for boosted commission ?

All node operators who register their node & add validators in the first month of launch will be eligible for boosted commission.

2. I am a participant of Rolling Beta, what benefits do I have ?

  • If you are member of ETHxclusives Top 100, you would receive highest commission boost (50% boost). This brings your net commission on delegated ETH to 7.5%.

  • If you are Rolling Beta member but not a member of Top 100, you would be eligible for 7% commission. This is a 40% extra commission.

3. I was not a member of your Rolling Beta testnet. Will I get any commission boost?

Yes, fret not!! If you are a direct mainnet joiner, you are eligible for 40% extra commission for the first 4 validators you spin in launch month. This brings the net commission to 7% for those validators.

4. How many validators will be eligible for boosted commission ?

There is a cap of 4 validators per node for the Boosted Commission. Beyond 4 validators, it will be normal commission of total 5% for every additional validator.

5. How many months will the boosted commission be applicable for?

It will last for 1 whole year but you have to join within the launch month.

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