Smart Contracts

The ETHx Smart Contracts play a crucial role in the Stader-ETHx protocol, serving as the fundamental building blocks of the entire network. These contracts form the foundation upon which various components of the system are constructed, such as the Stader Node CLI and the user interfaces for end user applications.

Here is a comprehensive list of the ETHx Smart Contracts. This list serves as a reference point for ETH staker, node operators, developers, researchers, and enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the inner workings of the Stader-ETHx protocol and understanding how the different components interact with each other.

ETHx Mainnet Smart Contracts

SD token address (Mainnet) : 0x30D20208d987713f46DFD34EF128Bb16C404D10f

ETHx Testnet Smart Contracts

SD token address (Testnet): 0x0406f539f24Be69baa8b88ED6eABEdb7b3cfdc60

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